Saturday, April 6, 2013

Day 6 Savannah Ga- Yemassee Sc

The ports right out of Savannah Ga

Wildlife refuge on 17 leaving Savannah 

Gotta love some solid tree coverage 

Koa in yemassee Sc

Camp site for the night

Very few things beat chilling around a fire. Today I made the 52 mile trip from savannah ga to yemassee sc. Savannah was kick ass thanks Kate your guys new place rules, thanks Andrew for the free 24oz of pbr and shot of whiskey if your ever in savannah visit hangfire, i will be back soon than later. The campsite I'm at tonight rules it's super relaxing and they have a wine bar witch had a wine sampling tonight, it was cool hanging out with a few retired people lots of random stories were told. Tomorrow I have a 64 mile day to charleston Sc, where I'm going to be staying with my good ole friend Bill Mims it's going to be great catching up with him.


  1. I'm betting your story is now being shared by some of those same retirees! Safe journey to Charleston!

    1. Holly it's great sorry it took a few days to responded to this. Tonight's my last night in sc I should be crossing into nc tomorrow a little after lunch time