Thursday, April 11, 2013

Day 11 Tabor City - Fayetteville Nc

First full day in North Caroline is all done 83.7 mile ride and another day of super nice weather but that's about to change tonight and some of tomorrow. Today marks a little over half way hitting 660 miles with 11 days on the road and 9 days of riding. Bobby and Cam are making solid progress and hit Cumberland today we should all be meeting up in the next couple of days. If the weather isn't to bad I'm putting on the rain gear and heading to a friends house up by Raleigh. If you're on any of the social media sites you can check instant updates by searching #407to412 on Instagram or following me my name on both is Cottle01 facebook and Vine its Michael c Cottle. (The photos are different then the ones I post on here)

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