Monday, April 15, 2013

Day 15 FarmVille Va - Louisa Va

Cool Trail in FarmVille Va 

Got a history lession this morning leaving town

Lee retreat 

The rain gear never came off today dealth with rain about 90 percent of the day and a very strong head wind as well but I got to the site safely

Camp life in Louisa Va it's super relaxing out here

Huge thanks to the very nice people at Small country campground they are letting me stay the night for free if your ever looking for a rad campground in Louisa Va look them up here is their Facebook link Today started week #3 on the road it was a very brutal day, in between the rain in wind but I got the 68.5 miles in. Tomorrow I'm debating on chilling here at the campsite and checking out the area then hitting the road around 12 and doing a short 35 mile day to a little bread and breakfast place up in culpeper Va.

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