Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 13 Durham Nc-Clarksville Va

This is the view I had while I was was fixing my wheel.

Welcome to Va

This was the view from my tent at Longwood campgrounds

Breaking camp down and getting ready for day 14

Day 13 I took off from my buddy Stephen's house in Durham Nc and made the 64 mile ride across Nc/Va state lines where I stayed at a campground called Longwood if you're ever in Clarksburg Va I would have to say camp there. While in route to Longwood campsite I had my first real issue with the bike I broke a spoke, I have extra spokes with me so I just took my time and got the wheel all fixed back up. Day 14 will be another 60 mile day to FarmVille Va

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  1. Congrats on completing day 13! Glad you were able to solve the bike issue - not bad odds of happening if you consider the miles you have put in so far! Love the pics and the story they tell - especially when you can add a caption! Stay safe and continue to enjoy the ride! Love you!