Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Day 3 Jacksonville Fl- Brunswick Ga

Leaving Jacksonville Florida

This Katie she is from Tampa Florida I meet her 5 or so miles south of the Fl/Ga boarder. She got a job working in Ashville Nc and decieded it be cool to ride up there. We shared about 40 miles together on U.S 17

  This is all part of it just glad I got to a hotel room before all hell broke loose looks like tomorrow will be a off day

Spandex tan lines now that's sexy :) If you follow me on Instagram you've more than likely seen these photos and I'm sorry I'm trying to not double up on photos. I kinda slacked today on taking different ones for the site I was worried about making into Brunswick before the weather hit.

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  1. Better get some sun screen on those white legs boy! Glad your back on your bike I know today wasn't fun but at least your back on track.
    Love Ya