Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 14 Clarksville Va - FarmVille Va

Chilly start this morning thanks to The Sahadow Conspiracy for the full finger gloves and super comfy socks

The most efficient way to wash the jerseys visit the local car wash spay them down with a water then let them air dry while your riding

Another scenic railroad shot

Looks nice didn't smell that nice

Welcome to FarmVille

Hill bombing

Here is a rad photo I took of Rickey on my lunch break one day right behind Out-Spoke'n Bike Shop

here is another photo I took of Rickey trey him and I were on a little trip to Jacksonville filming for Banned 5 . It's pretty crazy that I rode right past this leaving jaxs on this trip and it just now sinking in

Into the Void - Rickey Bates from Shadow Conspiracy on Vimeo.

Rickey's shadow part, this is pure bmx and pure motivation to keep ripping! Day 14 is down and this makes a solid 2 weeks on the road, I'm 840 miles in and every second of its ruled, tomorrow at some point I will be meeting Bobby and Cam to finish off the last 360 miles into Pittsburgh! A huge thanks to the companies that have made this trip happen Docsskincare Out-Spoke'n bike the shadow conspiracy Subrosa brand profile racing

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